Sunday, October 13, 2013


  A Big Halloween Welcome!!!

If you see something that tickles your fancy just drop me an email me at 

and let me know.  I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Please know that all pieces are one-of-a-kind and are made with vintage materials.

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 This Halloween cat is situated inside an old sewing drawer which is on top of an old gold metal piece.  

The piece stands 18 inches tall which includes the wood finial on top.

Missy the Cat is 124.00

15.00 shipping






Big Sis is 15 inches tall and her dress is made from old ribbon.  It's very delicate and beautiful.  
Lil Sis is adorned in a black and gold beaded bodice.  She is 13 inches tall.  
Both sisters are together on one base.

Serafina and Raven are 210.00

15.00 shipping.




Evangeline is a white pumpkin with a lovely disposition.  She is 24 inches tall and is dressed in the fanciest old bodice.  The pleated material is adorned with fabric covered black buttons.

Evangeline is 210.00

15.00 Shipping




While out treasure hunting one day, I came across this wonderful old doll bodice.  It's quite simple in theory but the beautiful doll head and the rich gold trims made it quite exquisite.  

This is my take on that old doll bodice.

Meet Maeve...

Maeve sits on a candlestick.  She is 15 inches tall and is dressed in old laces and gold bouillon trim.

Maeve is 72.00

9.00 shipping



Gwendolyn and Prue

Gwendolyn holds her little white pumpkin, Prue, safely in her arms.  The good witch will watch over Prue to make sure the great pumpkin eater doesn't snatch her up!
Gwendolyn and Prue are dressed in all old fabrics, laces and trims.  They are 23 inches tall.

Gwendolyn and Prue are 224.00
15.00 shipping.


Thanks for stopping by.  I wish you a very happy and fun filled Halloween!

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